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Sliding Cabinet Racks & Organizers for Cookware, Kitchen Utensils

Organize Your Cookware and Improve Cabinet Storage


Sliding Cabinet Racks & Organizers for Cookware, Kitchen Utensils

Sliding Cabinet Rack

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If your range doesn't have a cookware storage drawer or it's getting a little congested, installing a sliding cabinet storage rack or pull-out shelf inside a cabinet is great way to store pots and pans.

Sliding chrome-plated steel cabinet racks are simple to install and provide easy access to cookware or kitchen storage, even in those lower hard-to-reach-in cabinets. And there are many sizes and depths available to organize more than cookware. The advantage of sliding racks or pull-out shelves is that you can easily find what you're looking for when the stock of items is within your view and grasp, rather than trying to sort through numerous items in a dark bulging cabinet. They usually reduce the amount of bending to locate items in kitchen cabinets.

Before you start searching for a cabinet or pull-out shelf, sizing the organizer to the storage space is most important. Consider what you will be storing in this added space and will you be able to accommodate large pots or lids, or just small items. Do you need it to extra deep? Also consider the weight bearing of what you'll be storing and can the rack or shelf accommodate it.

A companion slide-out storage rack for cookware lids is very handy. This slender rack featured is 6" wide x 22" long x 6" high. It's a great organizer to keep cookware lids organized and easily accessible, while making good use of a deep narrow cabinet.

Most of us struggle with a too-small kitchen to contain everything that we need fairly frequently. Limited cupboard and counter space is one of the biggest banes of the busy cook (or any cook, really). The desire to keep things within easy reach, but still tucked away neatly makes cooking and cleaning up after the meal more of a chore than it needs to be. To help make that a bit less frustrating, check out these other great storage and cleaning tips on the Housewares site:
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  • Not limited to cookware, these racks and organizers would provide easy slide-out storage for any of your favorite housewares.

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