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New Appliance? Take Time to Register Your New Kitchen Investment


Just bought a new appliance? Take time to register your new housewares to ensure that you'll be able to repair it under warranty should you encounter a problem during that period.

You can either send in the completed Registration Card that came with your product, or register online, which is simple and only takes a few minutes.

Registration will not only save you money downstream, but also reduce the hassle associated with appliance breakdowns. Not limited to large appliances, even small appliance registration can be beneficial.

When you purchase a houseware product, make note of the warranty period from the packaging or product manual. A website is generally supplied for registration purposes, but if this is missing, check my Brands & Manufacturers Listing which is good resource for this purpose.

Registering your new appliance may also facilitate notification from the manufacturer if any product safety recalls are issued for that particular item.

Now that you've registered this new kitchen investment, take a moment to properly file for future reference, your receipt, parts listing and product manual. These resources can help you later if you need to order a part.

Remember to read your manual before storing to make note of any special operating or caution tips. You may be pleasantly surprised to find that this new product has a special feature you didn't realize it had. It's also a good idea to now add this new purchase to your household inventory listing, along with the purchase year.

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