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Consumer Awareness

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Resources and information on consumer awareness and protection that consumers should know.

5 Things You Can Learn From Product Reviews
5 Things You Can Learn From Product Reviews

Where to Find Information About Product and Appliance Recalls
Where to find product and appliance recall information; stay informed and find the information you need regarding appliance and product recalls; what to do if you think your appliance has been recalled

Appliance Safety and Avoiding Home Injuries
Home safety and operating appliances safely; humidifier safety; how to keep your family safe when operating humidifiers and other appliances

How to Handle Appliance Concerns - Why Manufacturers Need to Know
What to do when your appliances malfunction and why manufacturers need to know about it

10 Reasons to Read Your Product Manuals
10 Reasons why you should read and keep your product manuals.

Maytag Dishwasher Recall
Maytag announces a massive dishwasher recall - June 2010

Make Product Safety a Priority
Learn how to tell if a product is safe, about UL certification and general safety tips.

Service Contracts
Are service contracts a good idea? Do you buy extended service agreements when you purchase appliances?

The Pros and Cons of Extended Service Contracts and Warranties
Should you consider an extended warranty or service contract for your new appliance? The pros and cons of extended service contracts.

Kris Jensen-Van Heste
Kris Jensen-Van Heste

UL - Underwriters Laboratories
Learn about product safety and Underwriters Laboratories

Appliance Set Up Costs - Additional Costs of Large Appliances
Be prepared for set up costs to get your new home appliance into operation mode.

Bring Good Things to Life
A website where consumers of GE appliances can bring their concerns to light. A consumer help and resource site for those with serious concerns about their General Electric appliances.

After the Purchase - What to do After You Bring Your New Product Home
You've just bought a new houseware or appliance - what's the next step?

New Appliance? Take Time to Register Your New Kitchen Investment
Register your new housewares to ensure that customer service will be available to you if you should ever need it.

Beware of Scams & Pressure Tactics
How to beware and identify high-pressure marketing and scams.

How to Guard Against Scams & High-Pressure Tactics
Steps you can take to protect yourself from marketing scams and high-pressure sales tactics.

A Whole Lot of Glimmer! A Look at New Appliance Trends & Values
A look at new stylish large appliance trends and values for your money.

US Consumer Protection Services and source for product recalls

Federal Trade Commission
For US FTC Consumer information

Better Business Bureau
Provides a helpful resource for consumers

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