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De'Longhi DCF212T Frontal Access 12-Cup Coffee Maker Review

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De'Longhi DCF212T

De'Longhi DCF212 Frontal Access Coffee Maker

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The Bottom Line

Even with a longer brewing time and a slightly larger footprint, I really like the De'Longhi DCF212T Coffee Maker. It delivers a flavorful coffee and has more features than the average coffee maker at a most reasonable price.
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  • Love the frontal access - so handy
  • Brews a great cup of coffee
  • Appealing style
  • Safety 2 Hr auto shut-off
  • No drip carafe


  • Larger footprint on counter
  • Brewing takes longer but coffee tastes better


  • Complete Frontal Access Feature - no need to move the coffeemaker to fill it
  • 24-Hr programmable digital timer with 2 hr auto shut-off
  • Aroma button - unique brewing process that releases water in 30 second intervals for best flavor and aroma
  • Pause and serve function
  • Water level indicator
  • Cup storage tray
  • Non-stick warming plate
  • Cord storage
  • Permanent gold-tone filter
  • Limited 1 Yr Warranty
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Guide Review - De'Longhi DCF212T Frontal Access 12-Cup Coffee Maker Review

The De'Longhi DCF212T Coffee Maker has a very appealing style with black/stainless finish. The Frontal Access function is definitely its best feature. You can easily fill the water channel (even quicker with a faucet spray) and remove/fill the coffee filter without moving the coffee maker. Though it has a slightly larger footprint due to this feature, I hesitate to downgrade the rating since the fill convenience is an excellent trade-off.

The carafe is nicely designed with a comfortable handle and although the pouring spout is narrow, it does not drip while pouring - a big hit in this household. The programmable timer is a quick and easy one-button-time-set operation. The pause and serve function works well and the 2 hr auto shut-off is adequate. The cup storage tray on top is a nice feature but I could not test it due to my low cupboards.

Another unique feature is the Aroma Button which releases the water to the coffee grounds in 30 second intervals. This does cause brewing to take longer, but the flavor is fantastic - so it's well worth the wait. The gold-tone filter included does not have mesh on the bottom like most permanent filters, so water goes through slowly. You can change it to a standard filter, but you'll sacrifice flavor.

With its unique functions and several convenience features, this coffee maker is a great buy.
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 1 out of 5
leaky coffee maker, Member deliman1036

My coffee maker leaks so much 2-cups of water leak on the counter and now has seperated my counter top laminate. Thanks for nothing De Longhi. Oh yeah it also had a mind of its own! turning on & off on its own. Water-short I know.

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