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Keurig B70 Platinum Edition Brewer Review

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Keurig B70 Platinum Brewer

Keurig B70 Platinum Brewer

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I've had my eye on a Keurig for quite a while and decided to test one to see if I'd like this cartridge-type coffee maker. Being frugal by nature, I wasn't sure if I wanted to commit to buying K-cups on an on-going basis and I also wondered if there was that much of a taste difference to warrant a brewer of this caliber (and price).

Product Description

Keurig® Platinum Gourmet Single Cup Home Brewing System Model B70
  • One-touch brewing for K-Cup coffee, tea or hot chocolate in under a minute
  • 1500 Watt Brewer
  • Quiet Brew™ technology
  • Brews up to 10 cups before refilling
  • 5 Brew sizes including Iced Beverage: Iced drink 3.25 oz., robust 5.25 oz., regular 7.25 oz., large 9.25 oz., and extra large 11.25 oz. for a travel mug or large coffee mug
  • Uses Patented K-Cups
  • 24-hour digital clock, programmable LCD message center
  • Program favorite brew size, clock, turn-on/off; user control over brew temperature
  • Blue light highlights water level - level always visible
  • Removable 60-ounce water tank and removable drip tray
  • Size: 13"H 10"W 13.25"D
  • Includes a 12 Variety Pack of K-Cups
  • Learn more from the manufacturer about Keurig brewers and the varieties of K-Cups available.
  • MRSP $169.95

How the Keurig® Platinum™ B70 Brewing System Performed



Photo © Keurig
December 22 2009
The Keurig is impressive and well made. It's not too high for placing under standard cabinets, we can fill it with a pitcher or remove the reservoir for refilling. Took under five minutes for the brewer to be ready to go. Making coffee couldn't be easier or more convenient - insert a K-Cup, choose a cup size and press Brew. And there's no mess to clean - a time saver on both ends. It's fast, reasonably quiet and produces gourmet tasting coffee that is just the right temperature. The coffee aroma when it's brewing seems much more intense, than with a regular coffee maker, making the whole experience - delightful.

I like a medium roast but everyone else likes a strong brew. Some of the K-Cups make strong coffee, though I've seen some medium-light varieties sold. But the nice thing about the B70, you have five cup sizes to choose from and that will dictate the strength of your coffee. Vary the size of the cup to find your preference. Brew taste and strength also varies with each K-Cup brand/type. The decaffeinated K-Cups were better tasting than our own blends. I tend to rush tea, but the Keurig brews a better tea than I can and the Iced Beverage made a good iced tea. For an iced drink, it brews hot but cools with the ice in the glass. With the drip tray removed, our travel mugs fit easily and it was a treat to fill these with gourmet coffee before leaving home. K-cup hot chocolate was fast and creamy with nothing to add. The brewer is a gem to use, but I'm now addicted - making a regular pot of coffee seems a chore.

Overall Impression of the Keurig B70

Keurig brewing is a real treat - I love the taste, aroma, speed, no-mess convenience and the five cup size options. I looked for frugal ways to save on K-cup supplies. Since the coffee is strong, I brewed a second (smaller) cup from the same K-cup - a lighter roast but still very good. Normally we waste half of pot of coffee, with the Keurig we drank less - no waste. Not less caffeine really, just fewer cups. I bought a reusable Keurig My K-Cup™ filter to use our coffee grounds. It works fine and does save but our own coffee was blah compared to the K-Cups, until we increased the coffee amount.

The Platinum Brewer costs more than the popular B60, but well worth it. A 60-oz water tank means less filling; five cup options is a must - better if you want to share/recycle a K-Cup and the extra large was perfect for travel or large mugs. The Iced Beverage setting is handy. These extra features alone are worth the extra price.

To save on energy, program it to turn off for the night, otherwise it's always on and ready. You can also control the brew temperature, but the default was excellent. Prices of K-cups vary but average about $.50/cup and you can save by buying bulk packs. We're occasional coffee shop patrons, but for those who go often, there's considerable savings brewing gourmet coffee at home. As with any pod-type brewer, this is not a budget way to make coffee, but if you want that gourmet taste with little or no effort - the Keurig is the way to go. Warning though, if you intend to use your Keurig for special moments only, it's very difficult to idle this brewer.

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Tips on Cleaning Your Keurig Brewer

If you have hard water, you most likely will have to clean and descale your brewer more often - at least every two months. You may need to be proactive and not wait till the brewer prompts you to descale.

You do have to clean the ejection needle with a straightened paper clip and that includes the three holes: One front, one at the back and one to the left. Use the paper clip in a circular motion to remove small coffee particles that can clog the machine and prompt it to want a descaling, when the rest of the machine is fine.

With Keurig brewers, there is no way to drain the internal water reservoir. That is not a problem, unless you were planning on leaving the brewer in the RV over the winter. Protect it from freezing and store indoors. When moving, you'll have to ensure that the brewer stays right-side-up to avoid any water going into the brewer mechanism.

The customer service people at Keurig have been most helpful to troubleshoot descaling problems; do not hesitate to call them if the answer to your question is not on their site.
Keurig Customer Service

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 3 out of 5
I Wish I Loved It More, Member JudyHedding

This is an expensive little gadget that makes expensive cups of coffee! What I like: -Ability to have it turn on at a designated time in the morning and set time for turn off. -variety of cup sizes -speed of brewing -large water tank What I'm not crazy about: -Machine takes up a lot of space. -My 'standard' mug sizes don't seem to work well with Keurig sizes (I need room for milk). -No way you can squeeze a second cup of decent coffee from K-cups, so they end up costing, not including the cost of the machine, about $.50 per cup. Yikes! I drink way too much coffee for that! I am still experimenting with coffees. I only drink decaf, severely limiting the choices for dark/robust coffees. I am disappointed that Keurig seems to often be out of stock of K-cups! I gave it three stars and recommend it for people who like to have one of coffee in the morning, and have people in the household who each might like a different variety of coffee/tea. Not so much for one person who likes several cups each morning.

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