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Better Crocker 12-Cup Drip Coffee Maker BR-736U

Home Test of Betty Crocker BR-736U Coffee Maker

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Betty Crocker BR-736U Coffee Maker

Betty Crocker BR-736U Coffee Maker

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It looks very nice and the coffee maker carafe has a slightly different shape than others, which was why I wanted to test the Betty Crocker coffee maker.

Product Description

Betty Crocker 12-Cup Coffee Maker BR-736U
  • Black with red finish
  • LED digital and programmable
  • Touch pad - 24 hour
  • Auto shut off - 2 hour
  • Double wall filter holder to prevent aroma loss
  • Pause and pour feature
  • MSRP $49.99

How the Betty Crocker Coffee Maker Performed

June 12, 2010
This coffee maker looks great - that got my attention in the first place. Secondly, my daughter insisted it makes great coffee, so I wanted to try it out for myself. It has a black finish with shiny red front panels and a standard-size footprint. The programmable feature works very well, but the 24-hour timer has a less than desirable set up. There's no hold-and-set mechanism, so every time you accidentally nudge (which can happen lots), the hour or minute button, it changes the time and this can be annoying.

As for coffee - it makes an excellent brew. The drip is a shower-style type of brewing which is known to improve the concentration of water to grounds, to improve flavor. This coffee maker takes less coffee than what I usually use for a full pot - bonus. The carafe is nicely designed and pours without dripping. There's a water level indicator which is handy, but the channel to fill the water reservoir is very narrow - too much so and you have to fill it very slowly. This coffee maker takes a standard size cone filter and you can take the basket out to clean it.

Overall Impression

If good tasting coffee is your main priority and you don't mind the timer set-up or having to pour the water in slowly, the Betty Crocker coffee maker is an excellent, affordable programmable brewer choice. Since it needs less coffee to brew a pot - you'll save even further. Even with these minor problems, you can't beat the price of this coffee maker.

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