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Oster Coffee Maker BVSTCJ0027-033 Review

Home Test of the Oster BVSTCJ0027-033 12-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker

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Oster Coffee Maker BVSTCJ0027-033

Oster Coffee Maker BVSTCJ0027-033

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This Oster Programmable coffee maker has lots of nice features including a cleaning cycle and it looks good too. This is how it performed in my home test.

Product Description

The Sunbeam Oster 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker BVSTCJ0027-033:
  • Fresh Brew™ Timer - view how long coffee has been waiting
  • Clock/timer with Programmable feature for delay start
  • Pause 'n Serve
  • Water window
  • Water filtration system
  • Two hour auto shut-off
  • Brew strength selector
  • Cleaning cycle
  • Uses standard basket filters
  • MSRP $59.99CA
  • More detail from the manufacturer

How the Oster Coffee Maker Performed

August 14, 2010
I love the style and size of this Oster coffee maker - it's slightly smaller and shorter (13" high) than some other 12-cup coffee machines, making it an ideal brewer for smaller counter areas or low cabinets. Though the carafe has a narrow spout, it's drip-free as long as you're not trying to pour overly fast. The carafe slides easily into its spot - there's no guessing as to the correct position on the warming plate. This brewer takes a standard basket style filter and it has a small shower style brewing feature. There's no on/off button on this coffee maker, you start it with the Brew Now (or delay) option. At first glance, this start selector is not very obvious.

As for coffee flavor, it brews a very good cup of coffee and you can select a stronger brew if you wish. Brewing is reasonably fast. There is a smaller water filling opening, but I found it more convenient to fill with the main lid open to add coffee grounds. It's nice to have that larger water filling option. When the lid is closed, it (lid) returns the shower arm to its proper position for brewing. The two-hour shut-off works well and it's a good safety feature to have.

Overall Impression

This Oster coffee maker wins for good coffee, pleasing style and good overall design. I like almost everything about this coffee maker including the price, which is very good for all these features. Though I'm not fond of narrow carafe spouts - this one is manageable. However, one thing does need improvement - the Pause 'n Serve feature. It does interrupt the flow, but allows a few drips to fall on the warming plate when the carafe is removed. This happens every time the pot is removed before brewing is complete.

One feature that should get honorable mention is the cleaning cycle. It's very convenient to have and I wish more coffee makers had one. It also serves as a good reminder to clean the coffee maker. The cleaning cycle cleans for about an hour which is better than a manual coffee maker cleaning, which requires several brewing cycles with cooling periods interspersed.

Except for the Pause 'n Serve dripping that could be improved, this is a full-featured 12-cup coffee maker that makes good coffee and has all the sought-after convenience features, plus a cleaning cycle - all for a reasonable price.

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 1 out of 5
Typical mass produced junk from China., Member Billiboy

This unit was a warranty replacement for a MUCH better model #7985-33 that failed in less than a year. Out of the box, the light on the clock did not work, it always drips coffee on the warming element whether it's brewing or not, and there is no serving temperature control which is why we bought the #7985-33 model. I doubt this unit will last 6 months with the dripping into the warming element. Oster refuses to replace our much more expensive unit and are done with us. Do not buy this brand unless it is a gift for someone you dislike.

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Mariette Mifflin

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