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Perfect Coffee Pouring Without Dribbling

Why Do We Spill as we Pour Coffee?


Pouring Coffee

Pouring Coffee

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Ever find that it's difficult with certain coffeemaker carafes to pour a cup of coffee without dribbling a small, or even large amount of coffee on the counter? How can this spilling be averted?

One problem lies in the shape and size of the coffeemaker carafe spout. But before you put the whole blame on your coffee carafe, how fast you pour can severely affect your carafe's performance.

The smaller the carafe spout, the slower you must pour. The dribbling starts when the flow of coffee is not contained or directed within the confines of the shaped spout and starts to spill over. Next time you buy a coffeemaker, examine the spout. A wider spout design makes it easier to safely pour a cup of coffee.

The answer to pouring without dribbling? Slow down and enjoy the smell of fresh coffee. Then as you pour, keep the liquid stream within the spout boundaries.

The coffeemaker carafe used in the demonstration is a KitchenAid KCM534WH. This coffeemaker carafe has a nice no-drip pouring spout. Compare Prices

Another good choice for easy pouring is the Sunbeam/Oster HDX23 Programmable Coffee Maker. Review of Oster HDX23 Coffeemaker.

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