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Coleman Camping Coffee Maker


Coleman Camping Coffee Maker

Coleman Camping Coffee Maker

Photo: Courtesy of PriceGrabber.com
You can still enjoy your drip coffee when you're camping, or where electrical power supply is not available. This Coleman Camping Coffee Maker is a drip brewer that has been specially designed for use with 2 or 3 burner camp stoves.

It has an ample 10 cup capacity, a swing-out filter basket, a brew pause 'n serve feature, an easy to pour glass decanter and a solid steel base that enables coffee brewing in 10 minutes. It is 14" x 11.25" x 9.25" in size and has a 1 year limited warranty.

This Coleman Coffee Maker is a convenient appliance for your mobile kitchen that will certainly be a hit with 'drip coffee' lovers, but you can also use it for other hot beverages like tea and hot chocolate.

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