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How to Clean a Coffee Maker With Vinegar

A Simple Method to Clean Your Coffee Maker With Vinegar


Mineral deposits from water and coffee residue can build up in the components of your coffee maker and over time, these can not only affect the taste of the coffee, but it can also impair your brewer's drip operation. Although you can buy mineral deposit removers or specially formulated coffee maker cleaners, the cheapest method to restore your brewer is by using a vinegar and water solution. Follow these steps to a quick coffee maker cleaning:
  1. Empty your coffee maker, rinse the carafe and ensure that the filter basket is properly set and empty. Remove the permanent coffee filter and water filter, if your maker has these.
  2. Fill the water reservoir with a solution of equal parts of water and regular white household vinegar.
  3. Run it through a drip cycle.
  4. When the cycle is finished, turn off your coffeemaker but allow the water/vinegar to sit in the carafe for a few minutes, to remove any scale deposits, then discard the solution.
  5. You should run clear water (no vinegar) through your coffee maker at least twice, allowing your brewer to cool down between cycles. This will remove any lingering vinegar residue.
  6. This is a good time to thoroughly wipe the exterior of your coffee maker and clean the removable filter basket, permanent filter and carafe with hot soapy water. A change of water filter is also a good idea if applicable.
  7. Your coffee maker is back in operation and coffee should taste much better.
How often should you clean your coffee maker? While some follow a monthly cleaning schedule, others do only occasional cleanings at best. At the very least, a cleaning every three months is advisable.

If your home has hard water (water with heavy mineral content), or if you tend to fill the water reservoir of your coffee maker from a rinsed carafe (not washed), residue would build up more quickly. In this case, a monthly cleaning is recommended.

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