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Single Serve Brewer Buying Tips and Keurig Brewer Features

Why Some Keurig Features Out-Brew the Competition


Single Serve Brewer Buying Tips and Keurig Brewer Features

Single Serve Brewing

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Single serve brewing is gaining popularity and for good reason. You waste less coffee in the long run and can brew a gourmet cup of java without leaving home, for a lot less than the coffee shop varieties.

But not all single serve brewers operate the same or offer similar savings when it comes to the custom coffee home brewing experience. Some will fully customize the beverage with the ability to read the UPC label for each cup you brew. That's a pretty nice feature to have, but that custom cup will cost you - the cost of keeping the brewer's coffee capsules or pods on hand.

However, there's a way to have your gourmet coffee and save money with each cup. Keurig offers something most single brewers do not, the ability to custom brew your own freshly-ground coffee blends for about 10 cents or less per cup. And that adds up to quite the savings, when a single K-cup will cost you around $.45 to $.50 each, similar to other types of single coffee pods or capsules.

How can you save money brewing a single cup? With a Keurig My K-Cup Filter Assembly. It's a 3-pc assembly that includes a small mesh filter and a plastic holder with cover. You do have to remove the regular K-cup holder or basket from the brewer and replace it with this assembly, then brew as usual. Since you choose the coffee to use, you vary the savings and can even grind your own coffee blends, for added freshness and taste. For best results, read more tips on using a My K-Cup Filter Assembly in my review.

Other Things to Consider When Buying a Single Serve Coffee Brewer
  • Cup Size Options: Most single serve coffee makers brew a bold (strong) cup of gourmet coffee. If you prefer coffee on the lighter side, the brewer must have at least two cup size options, but more is better.
  • Travel Mug Size Option: If you commute and like to brew for the road, it must have an option for that cup size (around 12 oz), or have a removable drip tray that allows access for tall cups.
  • Save Money and Brew Your Own Coffee Blends: This is huge if you want to save money on prepackaged single serve K-cups. Keurig offers a My K-Cup Filter that works extremely well with some of their home brewer models. Keurig is the only brewer brand I know of that offers a brew-your-own-coffee option.
  • Internal Water Reservoir: Most single serves have an internal water reservoir that keeps water hot and ready. This is a great feature, but not all models have draining features. That means that you can never fully drain the brewer and must protect it from freezing. That could be a consideration if you want one for an RV or camper, so best to inquire before buying.
  • Tea, Hot Chocolate: Check that the single serve can brew more than coffee if you want the brewer to appeal to other members of the family.
  • More Single Serve Buying Tips: Find more helpful Single Serve Brewer Buying Tips if you want to brew your own gourmet coffees and teas at home.
  • Hard Water Considerations: If you have more minerals in your water than average, you may need to descale a single brewer more often, possibly every second month, as well as clean other small parts. Though most have a descale display, you may want to be proactive and not wait for this prompt to minimize downtime.
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