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Zarafina™ Tea Maker Suite

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Zarafina Tea Maker Suite

Zarafina Tea Maker Suite

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The Bottom Line

The Zarafina™ is a charming tea experience - brew loose or bagged tea at your preferred strength, steeped at just the right temperature, and serve it to your guest from the ceramic tea pot. Great tea maker design with infusion basket to keep tea leaves contained, yet allows perfect steeping. Fabulously packaged, you'll have fun opening it. Recommended - a wonderful memory building and bonding tea party time appliance. It would make a great gift for the tea lover! Remember to include some Zarafina™ teas - they're worth tasting.
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  • Great tea experience
  • Steeped to preferred strength
  • Very nice design and accessories
  • Perfect serving temperature
  • Can use loose or bagged tea


  • Price a little high


  • Zarafina™ Tea Maker Suite - Maker with Ceramic Tray, Tea Pot and 2 Tea Cups
  • Infuser Basket & Lid
  • Removable Steeping Chamber - for easy filling
  • Innovative and stylish design with black and stainless steel accents
  • Tea Format Setting: Bag, Loose
  • Tea Strength Setting: mild, medium or strong
  • Tea Type Setting: black, oolong, green, white, herbal
  • Can use bag or loose teas
  • Measuring scoop and protective rubber cap included
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty

Guide Review - Zarafina™ Tea Maker Suite

The Zarafina™ was fun opening and setting up - it was so neatly packaged. The Zarafina Tea Maker Suite comes with ceramic tea pot, serving tray and two tea cups. Capacity is up to 16 oz or two cups. Very nice design with attention to detail and quality materials. Set up was easy, instructions are very clear. There are settings for loose or bagged tea, type of tea and strength preference.

We tested several varieties of Zarafina™ loose teas as well as regular bagged tea. Brewing was perfect - steeped to our preference and serving temperature was ideal. The steeping process involves heating the water to the right temperature at which point the infuser basket with the tea lowers into the water. Tea is ready to serve in 7 to 10 minutes, depending on the type of tea and strength you choose. An indicator light lets you know when tea is ready and it is brewed directly into the small teapot. Tea should be served immediately - there is no warming cycle.

Clean up was easy - just hand wash or rinse steeping chamber and other removable parts. Do not immerse the steeping chamber in water. Not dishwasher safe - handwash only.

The Zarafina Tea Maker Suite experience was wonderful - watching the infusing sparked conversation and enhanced a great cup of tea. The rating was downgraded slightly because I find the price of the Tea Maker Suite a little high and it doesn't have a warming feature. As far as performance goes, it performs as good as it looks!

Find out more about the Zarafina™ Tea Maker Suite and Zarafina Teas, as well as see the line of collector cups from the manufacturer at: www.zarafina.com

The Zarafina loose teas have excellent flavor and aroma. I tested several varieties. For more on these teas, read: Zarafina Teas

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