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Black & Decker Smart Brew Plus® 12-Cup Coffee Maker Model DCM2500

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Black & Decker Smart Brew Plus® 12-Cup Coffee Maker Model DCM2500

Black & Decker Smart Brew Plus

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The Bottom Line

This Black & Decker Smart Brew Plus© makes a very good cup of coffee, is easy to set up and has a very nice pouring design with a wide spout.
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  • Nice style
  • Very nice pouring - wide spout
  • Easy to set up
  • Makes a good cup of coffee


  • Lid raises up - needs head room under cabinet
  • Brewing is noisy


  • Sneak-A-Cup® interrupt feature
  • Perfect Pour® carafe w/dripless spout
  • Easy touch pad controls with programmable digital clock timer and auto off
  • Ergonomic handle
  • One-piece cover for easy access to filter basket
  • Easy to read fill markings
  • Two water level indicators
  • 12-Cup capacity

Guide Review - Black & Decker Smart Brew Plus® 12-Cup Coffee Maker Model DCM2500

The consumer purchased this Black & Decker as a replacement, and finds it looks very nice on the counter, is easy to operate, handles nicely and the pouring is excellent.

The capacity of 12-cup is more than adequate, and it takes a convenient regular basket type or permanent filter. It also has a convenient interrupt feature, so you can pause to pour a cup of coffee. Maintenance is simple and the programmable clock timer is a very nice feature.

She does find that it brews noisily, and adequate room is also required under the cabinet in order to raise the large lid to set it up for a pot of coffee.
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User Reviews

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 1 out of 5
Black and Decker, Member libresiempre

We just bought this machine and used it perhaps 8 times and now it doesnt work. The water doesn't even come up. It just makes a lot of noise and doesn't drip. looking for feedback if you have any out there. Thanks

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