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Keurig Brew Over Ice K-Cups Review

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Keurig Brew Over Ice K-Cups Review

Keurig Brew Over Ice K-Cup Line

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The Bottom Line

The new Keurig Brew Over Ice K-Cup line is worth looking for if you love a bold iced coffee and tea. Regular K-cups can also be used to make iced beverages in Keurig brewers, but they lack the robust flavor needed when brewing over lots of ice, which will dilute the brew. You'll recognize this new line by the Brew Over Ice blue circle logo on these K-cups - they stand out from the regular K-cups.
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  • Robust full flavor for brewing over ice
  • Convenient
  • Some teas already sweetened


  • Limited variety


  • Brew Over Ice K-Cup Line - Identified by the blue circle logo on top of K-Cups
  • Keurig K-Cup Brands: Green Mountain Coffee® iced coffees and Celestial Seasonings® iced teas.
  • Available from Keurig or where Keurig K-Cups are sold
  • Specially developed coffee and tea blends for brewing over ice
  • Most are available in sample packs (5) or box (22)

Guide Review - Keurig Brew Over Ice K-Cups Review

June 17, 2011
Keurig recently introduced a new line of K-cups for their home single serve brewers. Although you can make iced beverages with their standard K-cups or by using their My K-Cup Filter Assembly with your favorite coffee or tea, this new line was developed especially for iced beverage brewing and the flavor difference is quite noticeable.

How does it differ from the regular K-cups? They have the optimum amount of coffee or tea for brewing iced beverages. That's important because using a regular K-cup and brewing over a glass filled with ice, even if you do choose the smallest cup size option, can result in a much weaker flavor.

Some of the iced teas are also presweetened, making it more convenient than having to blend in a sweetener. If you're on restricted sugar, you can choose the unsweetened blends and add sugar substitutes if you wish. I can tell the difference in taste with this new K-cup line and for those that want a bold iced coffee or tea, using the Brew Over Ice Line is a must.

Here are the flavor choices available in the Brew Over Ice K-Cup Line:

Green Mountain Coffee® Iced Coffees:
  • Nantucket Blend® Iced Coffee
  • French Vanilla Iced Coffee
Celestial Seasonings® Perfect Iced Teas:
  • Half and Half (Black Tea and Lemonade)
  • Southern Sweet Tea
  • Sweet Berry Lime Green Tea
  • Sweet Lemon Black Tea
  • Sweet Peach Black Tea
  • Sweet Raspberry Black Tea
  • Sweet Tropical Breeze White Tea
  • Unsweetened Black Tea
The new Brew Over Ice K-Cups are just slightly more price-wise than regular K-cups, but there's more coffee and tea in them for the best iced beverage brewing. I've tried to get a bolder iced coffee from regular K-cups, but the ice really dilutes the strength and you need a lot of ice to achieve an iced beverage. Though regular K-cups work in a pinch, they lack the strong flavor I prefer in an iced drink.

If you love iced beverages, you'll want to try out this new K-cup beverage line. See the Brew Over Ice K-Cup line-up. My favorites? The Southern Sweet Tea and Nantucket® Iced Coffee.

Keurig's regular K-cup variety is pretty extensive and includes various brands of coffees, teas and hot chocolate. To see their full K-Cup line, check out Keurig K-Cups.
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