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What a Percolator Coffee Maker is; How It Differs From a Regular Coffee Maker


Cuisinart Electric Percolator

Cuisinart Electric Percolator

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Definition: A percolator coffee maker was the standard coffee brewer decades ago and a percolator remains the most common type of pot for brewing coffee on a stove cook-top or camp stove. Unlike a drip brewer where the water is drawn up and then heated as it passes through to drip into coffee grounds, a percolator coffee maker operates only after the water has started boiling and has been drawn up through the stem (percolates) to the grounds in the basket.

There are more non-electric percolator coffee makers than electric models on the market. With a non-electric cook-top style of percolator, the brewing process will continue as long as the water keeps boiling and the coffee will get stronger. A non-electric stove-top percolator coffee pot requires monitoring to reach the desired coffee flavor or to keep the coffee from acquiring a burnt taste. Electric percolators have an automatic brewing cycle for optimum coffee taste.

Percolator coffee pot parts include: A stem, coffee ground basket and basket lid, as well as the percolator lid. All are essential for percolating coffee. An electric model will also have a detachable cord or cordless base. Although you can use drip-style coffee grounds in a percolator, you may get more ground residue in the bottom of your cup. Most prefer to use regular or coarse ground coffee in a percolator.

Electric coffee urns (large coffeemakers) have remained the most common type of brewer for buffet tables or socials, and they brew coffee by percolating the grounds much the same as the smaller home percolators. They have an automatic cycle that switches the percolator to warm when the brewing is finished.

Electric coffee percolators were very popular in the 1960's and beyond, until drip coffeemakers became the rage. But small percolators have made a comeback recently. Some could argue that a percolator brews a much bolder, richer coffee than a drip model. For those who would love to keep brewing their coffee grounds longer, a non-electric percolator would be an excellent percolator coffee maker choice.

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Pronunciation: Per.co.la.tor
Also Known As: coffee brewer, percolator coffee pot
Common Misspellings: perculator, perkolator, percolater
You can use a percolator to brew coffee on a camp stove.

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