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Solofill Cup Reusable K-Cup Filter Review

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Solofill Cup Reusable K-Cup Filter Review

Solofill Cup Reusable K-Cup Filter

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We love Keurig brewed coffee but unfortunately in the long run, the cost of K-cups can strain the family budget. Solofill Cup is a reusable filter cup that enables you to use your preferred coffee blend in a Keurig or K-cup single serve brewer.

Product Despcription

    Solofill Cup™ Refillable Filter Cup for K-Cup brewers
  • Plastic construction with strong filter mesh
  • Decaflo Plus spray head design (2nd generation)
  • Attached reclosable lid
  • Fill with your coffee; use as a K-cup in a Keurig or other K-cup single serve brewer
  • BPA-free
  • Simple two step operation
  • Self tamping
  • Works with compatible Keurig® brewers and most Cuisinart®, Mr Coffee® and Breville® K-cup brewers
  • Check compatible brewers
  • Retails for around $15
  • Learn more from the manufacturer

How the Solofill Cup Performed

January 18, 2013
At first glance, this Solofill Cup™ looks ideal - it's ecofriendly and reusable, so no more throwing out empty K-cup plastics; the mesh is much stronger than Keurig's My K-Cup Reusable filter; it's simple to use and you don't have to remove the K-cup filter holder from the brewer. Simply fill the Solofill Cup with coffee and use as you would a K-cup.

It's compatible with most (check list) Keurig brewers, as well as other K-cup brewers including Cuisinart, Breville and Mr Coffee single serve coffee makers. We already had two Keurig My K-Cup Filters which have been terrific for using our preferred blends and saving on coffee, so this looked like a good alternative filter.

Most of the time, it works as you would expect without malfunction, but about 25% of the time, even though the filter is filled carefully to leave a little room at the top and the lid is closed properly, during the brewing cycle, there's some sort of spillover between the lid and the cup, creating a coffee mess.

I have wondered how long the plastic lid would remain hinged to the filter cup, since plastic can break down quickly when folded, so durability is also questionable. The Solofill is easy to empty of used coffee grounds and is small to store.

Overall Impression and Related Resources

I love the overall design and not having to remove the K-cup filter holder to use this Solofill Cup filter. It's just such a pity that it's not as efficient as it looks one hundred percent of the time. If you don't mind the occasional spill over, it might provide an additional filter for coffee or tea for your single serve K-cup brewer.

Note that this is the second generation model with the Decaflo Plus design. The first release of this popular filter had issues with the lid hinge. It has probably been strengthened in this updated model.

According to Solofill, 6 billion single serve coffee and tea pods were used in 2011. This company's mission to produce a product that's more earth friendly and reduces the impact on the environment, while allowing consumers to continue to enjoy their single serve K-cup coffees and teas.

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