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Does Filter Shape Affect Coffee Flavor?


Question: Does Filter Shape Affect Coffee Flavor?
How does the shape of the coffee filter improve brewing flavor? Which type of coffee filter is better - cone-shaped or basket style? Does the coffee filter shape make a difference in the taste of coffee?
Answer: Coffee makers come with either a basket style or a cone-shaped filter holder, which decides what style of paper or permanent filter it can accommodate. While there's only a slight difference in the cost or availability (depending on your local sources) of standard size basket or cone filters, the filter shape itself is often a deciding factor for some consumers, when making a coffee maker purchase. That's because many believe that when it comes to flavorful coffee, the shape of the filter is very important.

With a basket-style filter, even if you mound the coffee grounds in the middle, they tend to redistribute during the brewing process and the drip saturates only a portion of the coffee grounds. Even with an enhanced shower head drip design, concentration remains limited. But with a cone filter, the drip saturates the majority of the grounds, resulting in a bolder, richer flavor.

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