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Coffee Makers, Grinders, Tea Makers

Resources and information on coffee and tea makers, coffee maker reviews, tea maker reviews, brewers, coffee grinders, coffees, teas, coffee pods and percolators for the home, coffee maker reviews, coffee maker resources, coffee and tea
  1. Coffee Maker Care & Use (20)
  2. Coffee Makers, Tea Makers Reviews (40)
  3. Espresso Makers
  4. Jura-Capresso Coffee Machine Reviews

Henle Pro Coffee Stainless Percolator Review
Henle Pro Coffee Stainless Stovetop Percolator Review

Keurig Brewing Systems - Which Type of Keurig Brewer is Best for You?
Helping you choose the best Keurig brewing system for your home

Melitta Burr Coffee Grinder Review
Review of Melitta 80395 Burr Coffee Grinder with 17 settings

Teavana Stainless Steel Tea Strainer Review
Teavana Stainless Steel Single Tea Strainer review

Mr. Coffee Café Latte Maker Review
Review of Mr. Coffee Cafe Latte Maker that makes frothy lattes at home. Make coffee lattes, hot cocoa, tea lattes with the Mr. Coffee Cafe Latte Maker

Coffee Makers - How to Find the Best Coffee Maker
For many households, a coffee maker is an essential kitchen appliance and the one that gets the most use. A coffee maker is not merely an appliance that completes a certain task, it's crucial to delivering a satisfying brew that for many, starts their day on a positive note. When shopping for a coffee maker, consider flavor and what features you need and want to ensure you get the best coffee ma…

Keurig Brew Over Ice K-Cups Review
Review of Keurig's Brew Over Ice Line of K-Cup coffees and teas; Keurig Brew Over Ice Coffee and Tea review

Solofill Cup Reusable K-Cup Filter Review
Solofill Cup Reusable K-Cup Filter Review; Solofill Cup refillable, reusable K-cup filter cup review; filter cup for use with Keurig brewers

Buy a Coffee Maker - How to Buy a Coffee Maker
Coffee maker buying tips, how to buy a coffee maker, coffeemaker buying tips, coffee maker buying tips, before you buy a coffee maker, buying the right coffeemaker

Buy a Single Serve Brewer or Coffee Maker
Before You Buy a Single Serve Coffee Maker; single serve brewer buying tips; before you buy a pod or k-cup brewer; buying a single serve for an office; office brewer buying tips

Coffee, Tea & Coffee Pods Resources
Online resources and sources for coffee, tea and coffee pods.

Keurig Brewers Buying and Maintenance Tips
Keurig Brewers,tips on using Keurig single serve brewers; how to properly care for a Keurig brewer and why Keurig is the best single serve to buy.

Keurig K-Cups - What's Your Favorite Blend?
What's your favorite blend of Keurig K-Cup coffee, tea or hot chocolate and why. Read what others are saying about their favorite Keurig gourmet beverage

Don't Let Your Keurig Idle - Find K-Cups
Where to find Keurig k-cups, filters, coffee makers and accessories; sources for Keurig coffee k-cups; find k-cup coffees, hot chocolate and tees

Coffee Grinder - How to Buy a Coffee Grinder
How to buy a coffee grinder; coffee grinder buying tips, what to look for when buying a coffee grinder; best features of a coffee grinder

Coffee Grinder - Burr vs Blade Assembly - Which is Better?
What's the difference between a burr and blade coffee grinder

Does Filter Shape Affect Coffee Flavor?
Which type of coffee filters are better - cone-shaped or basket style? How does the shape of the coffee filter improve brewing flavor?

Best Budget-Friendly Coffee Makers
You don't necessarily have to sacrifice lots of features for a budget-friendly coffee maker. In fact, there may be coffee maker features that you would never use, so why pay for them. These coffee makers are good performers and offer some great features, all at an economical price.

Coffee Makers & Benefits of Each Type of Coffee Maker
The benefits of each type of coffee maker; types of coffee makers, coffeemaker types, styles of coffeemakers

How to Clean a Coffee Maker With Vinegar
How to clean a coffee maker with vinegar, coffeemaker cleaning, how to clean a coffeemaker, using vinegar to clean a coffee maker

Coffee Paper or Permanent Filters & Which Type of Coffee Filter is Better
Which type of filter is better - paper or permanent filters? Coffeemaker filters and the benefits of both. Which type of coffee filter do you prefer?

Best Coffee Maker Feature
What's a coffee maker's best feature? Buy a coffee maker with the best feature. Looking at coffee maker features; coffee maker buying tips; coffee makers and the best feature to have

Coffee Filters
Which type of coffee filter do you prefer?

Perfect Coffee Pouring Without Dribbling
How to pour coffee without dribbling on the counter. Why is it difficult to pour coffee from some carafes without spilling?

Keurig Iced K-Cup Packs Snapple, Donut Shop, Green Mountain Naturals Reviews
Keurig Iced K-Cup Packs Snapple, Donut Shop, Green Mountain Naturals Reviews; review of Brew Over Ice K-Cup Packs: Donut Shop Coffee Sweet & Creamy, Snapple Lemon Iced Tea and Peach Iced Tea, and Green Mountain Naturals Lemonade

Coffeemakers - Should You Splurge or Save?
Should you splurge or save on coffeemakers? Buying tips for coffeemakers.

Zarafina™ Teas
Review of Zarafina loose teas to brew in a Zarafina Tea Maker Suite, or in your own tea pot.

Stainless Steel Thermal Coffee Makers Top Picks
Top picks of stainless steel thermal coffee makers.

Adagio Teas Starter Set
Adagio Teas Starter Set

Coleman Camping Coffee Maker
You can still enjoy your drip coffee and go camping! The Coleman Camping Coffee Maker is perfect for making drip coffee where electrical outlets are not available.

DeLonghi Electric Coffee Urn
Planning a church function, family reunion or large gathering? This DeLonghi Electric Coffee Urn is not only stunning, but has great features to keep the coffee ready for your guests.

LG Combination Microwave & Coffee Maker LCRM1240
A stylish Microwave & Coffee Maker appliance for home or office.

How to Buy a Coffee Maker Video
Tips on buying a coffee maker

Online source for gourmet coffees & teas

A1 Coffee Makers
Online retailer for coffee makers, accessories and coffee

Krups KP1010 Home Cafe Pod Brewer
A look at Krups KP1010 Home Pod Brewer with the convenience of pod brewing for 1 or 2 cups, and an 18 oz travel mug.

Krups Steam Combo Machine Model XP1530
A look at Krups Steam Combo Machine Model XP1530 - a stylish appliance for making coffee, espresso, cappuccinos and lattes.

Coffeemaker Carafe Replacements
A resource for replacement carafes for coffeemakers such as Black & Decker, Braun, Krups, Cuisinart, Mr. Coffee, Melitta, Capresso, Salton, Bunn, West Bend, Hamilton Beach, Delonghi, Proctor-Silex.

What is a Coffee Frappe?
Definition of a frappe and how it applies to coffee

Keurig Mini Plus Personal Brewer B31Review
Review of Keurig's Mini Plus Personal Single Serve Brewer; Keurig B31 review

Learn About Coffee, Tea from About's Guide to Coffee and Tea
Find information on brewing, storing coffee, teas as well as interesting information on origins

Online source for coffees, teas & gifts

Zarafina™ Teas
Review of Zarafina loose teas to brew in a Zarafina Tea Maker Suite, or in your own tea pot.

Black & Decker SmartGrind Coffee and Spice Grinder Review
Black and Decker SmartGrind Grinder review

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