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Coffee Maker Water Level and Avoiding Leaks and Spills

Maintaining Proper Coffee Maker Water Levels


Coffee Maker Overflow

Coffee Maker Overflow

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Most of today's coffee makers have an overflow feature at the back - just a small hole, but unfortunately this is one design item that we tend to miss when setting up a new coffee maker. It's easy to create an overflow if you put more than the recommended amount of water in it. It will simply flow out but unfortunately, there's no drain reservoir - it will leak unto the counter from the back.

If you occasionally find a water puddle underneath or beside your coffee maker, you may be thinking that your brewer has sprung an internal leak, but the overflow may be the culprit. We've been known to discard a coffee maker or two, only to realize much later that the problem was self-inflicted and easy to remedy.

When you fill your coffee maker, adhere strictly to the recommended level. We tend to not worry about going over the line a little (or a lot), but this excess will freely flow out the back overflow immediately, or be sent out when we move or return the brewer to its spot, creating a wave effect in the water reservoir.

So, watch your water level and stop pouring before the line. Replace your brewer on the counter gently, so as not to create a wave internally and avoid these spills and puddles. The overflow is actually a nice feature to have - it protects the innards of your coffee maker from being damaged by water in sensitive areas. If you find coffee under your brewer, that could signal a leaking and problem appliance, or you may just be pouring too fast.

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