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Coffee Maker Care & Use Tips

How to use and care for a coffee maker

Solofill Cup Reusable K-Cup Filter Review
Solofill Cup Reusable K-Cup Filter Review; Solofill Cup refillable, reusable K-cup filter cup review; filter cup for use with Keurig brewers

Keurig K-Cups - What's Your Favorite Blend?
What's your favorite blend of Keurig K-Cup coffee, tea or hot chocolate and why. Read what others are saying about their favorite Keurig gourmet beverage

Coffeemaker Carafe Replacements
A resource for replacement carafes for coffeemakers such as Black & Decker, Braun, Krups, Cuisinart, Mr. Coffee, Melitta, Capresso, Salton, Bunn, West Bend, Hamilton Beach, Delonghi, Proctor-Silex.

Coffee, Tea & Coffee Pods Resources
Online resources and sources for coffee, tea and coffee pods.

How to Use a Keurig My K-Cup Filter Assembly
Read my review to learn how to use a Keurig My K-Cup Filter Assembly

Coffeemakers - Should You Splurge or Save?
Should you splurge or save on coffeemakers? Buying tips for coffeemakers.

Perfect Coffee Pouring Without Dribbling
How to pour coffee without dribbling on the counter. Why is it difficult to pour coffee from some carafes without spilling?

Coffee Filters
Which type of coffee filter do you prefer?

Best Coffee Maker Feature
What's a coffee maker's best feature? Buy a coffee maker with the best feature. Looking at coffee maker features; coffee maker buying tips; coffee makers and the best feature to have

Coffee Paper or Permanent Filters & Which Type of Coffee Filter is Better
Which type of filter is better - paper or permanent filters? Coffeemaker filters and the benefits of both. Which type of coffee filter do you prefer?

How to Clean a Coffee Maker With Vinegar
How to clean a coffee maker with vinegar, coffeemaker cleaning, how to clean a coffeemaker, using vinegar to clean a coffee maker

Coffee Makers & Benefits of Each Type of Coffee Maker
The benefits of each type of coffee maker; types of coffee makers, coffeemaker types, styles of coffeemakers

Does Filter Shape Affect Coffee Flavor?
Which type of coffee filters are better - cone-shaped or basket style? How does the shape of the coffee filter improve brewing flavor?

Online source for coffees, teas & gifts

Coffee Grinder - Burr vs Blade Assembly - Which is Better?
What's the difference between a burr and blade coffee grinder

Don't Let Your Keurig Idle - Find K-Cups
Where to find Keurig k-cups, filters, coffee makers and accessories; sources for Keurig coffee k-cups; find k-cup coffees, hot chocolate and tees

What a Percolator Coffee Maker is; How It Differs From a Regu…
Percolator coffee maker; definition of a percolator coffee maker; how a percolator coffee pot differs from a regular coffee maker; why some love a percolator coffee maker to brew richer, bolder coffee; what a perculator is; percolator coffee pot parts

Thermal Coffee Maker Carafes - Pros and Cons
Pros and cons of thermal coffee maker carafes; benefits of thermal coffeemaker carafes

Coffee Maker Water Level and Avoiding Leaks and Spills
Maintaining proper coffee maker water levels and what happens when water overflows from a coffee maker

Keurig Brew Over Ice K-Cups Review
Review of Keurig's Brew Over Ice Line of K-Cup coffees and teas; Keurig Brew Over Ice Coffee and Tea review

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