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Find the Best Cook Top Cleaner for Your Range Cook Top


A new range with a smooth-top cooktop can be very exciting, but unfortunately, the excitement can quickly turn to frustration trying to keep the cook top clean.  While there are various cook top cleaners on the market to help you keep glass, Ceran or ceramic cook tops clean, not all are great cleaners.  And burned on foods and drips can pose the biggest challenges for cook top cleaners.  I've tested several brands and I've listed the best (and worst) cook top cleaners in order of preference.

1. Weiman Cook Top Cleaner

Weiman Cook Top Cleaner
Photo © Weiman

The Weiman Glass Cook Top Cleaner rivals the Whirlpool brand for effectiveness, and is one of the best after trying several brands to get my range top clean.  It seems to protect it much longer than some other brands. When it comes to price, Weiman is also much lower than some others - bonus. Plus it's a green cleaning product!  It should be used with non-abrasive scrubbing pads such as Weiman's Cook Top Scrubbing Pads. 

2. Whirlpool Cook Top Cleaner

Whirlpool Cook Top Cleaner
Photo Courtesy of PriceGrabber

After trying several brands of cook top cleaners, this is one of the best and it rivals Weiman's Cook Top Cleaner. It effectively cleans and does give some protection to the cook top between regular cleanings.

3. Scotch Brite Cook Top Cleaner

Scotch Brite Cook Top Cleaner
Photo © Scotch Brite

The Scotch Brite Cook Top Cleaner is not a cream cleaner, but rather an applicator (handle) with replaceable cleaning pads. It does a reasonable cleaning to remove burned on foods and pot marks and provides an alternative to using a cream cleanser and cloth.  This method keeps your hands out of the solution, but you do have to buy replacement pads as needed for the handle.  

4. Weiman Cook Top Wipes

Weiman Cook Top Wipes
Photo © Weiman

These wipes are good for general cook top care in between regular cleanings, to help reduce spills and maintain a shiny, clean cook top. But for tough burned on foods and spills, Weiman's cream cleaner does a more thorough cleaning.

5. Cerama Bryte Cook Top Cleaner

Cerama Bryte Cook Top Cleaner
Photo Courtesy of PriceGrabber

One of the worst cook top cleaners I've tested.  Some may find this cleaner effective, but I do not.  It merely cleans grime and grease, and does not remove burned on foods, pot rings or drips.

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