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Reliable EnviroMate BRIO EB250 Steam Cleaner System


Reliable EnviroMate BRIO EB250 Steam Cleaner System

Reliable EnviroMate BRIO EB250

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Design Attributes:

Reliable Corporation packs a punch with their Brio EB250 Steamer, combining several functions in one compact machine. Lightweight in nature with a built-in carrying handle, it can easily be transferred to another floor or area.

With a 21-pc accessory kit, you can clean anything that can be steamed, indoors and out and in every room of the house, plus freshen the pet's bed. Once your cleaning is done, you can refresh your jacket and steam wrinkles from your favorite outfit, before going out. That makes this little machine very versatile.

Why Use Steam?:

It's not surprising that steam has become the cleaning agent of choice these days because it has the ability to freshen, blast out dirt (better than a toothbrush) plus sanitize, all without chemicals - something I have come to love. That means no strong scents and no chemical stains on your clothes. There's also no need to store a multitude of cleaning formulas. Just water - that's it.

A steamer also takes the effort out of those grimy time-consuming labor-intensive tasks that tend to get pushed down on the 'to do' list, simply because we have better things to do with our time. If you haven't used steam cleaning appliances yet, it's time to get with the program, because steam is here to stay. And that's a good thing. For more about the many benefits of cleaning with steam, read the manufacturer's Steam Cleaning 101; it's an interesting read.

EnviroMate BRIO's Best Features:

According to the features list, the BRIO is well equipped to tackle anything you throw at it with adequate steam temperature and pressure for everything from garments to bed bugs. Unfortunately, not all steamers can truly sanitize floors - some are not hot enough, but this machine can generate a powerful steam (302º - 320º F boiler temperature) and with a 245°F tip temperature, you can blast out germs along with the dirt. BRIO also gives you more steam control than some other machines, so you can adjust the temperature as needed for what you're steaming.

Overall Impression:

Multiple functions, high pressure steam, a good variety of accessories and an easy-to-store lightweight design should make this a very convenient, time-saving cleaning tool. I just have to try this steam machine.

According to the manufacturer, a 45-oz water tank should give you 45 minutes of steaming time. Less stop-and-refill during your cleaning session means less distractions, so you'll get the job done more quickly. And the choice of accessories really make this machine function-friendly. If you're wondering what you could possibly use it for, check out these Reliable Corporation videos - you'll find lots of inspiration there.

Ratings & Related:

Ratings so far are very good on the Reliable BRIO EB250. Consumers generally find it easy to use and like the various functions, accessories and features, including the adjustable steam control.

I've just taken the BRIO for a test run - read review. After researching this cleaning tool, my expectations were on the high side and I've been stockpiling my cleaning jobs.

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