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Weiman Leather Cleaner Wipes Review

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Weiman Leather Wipes

Weiman Leather Wipes

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The Bottom Line

The Weiman Leather Wipes were very convenient for cleaning surface dirt, dust and restoring a shine to leather furniture and clothing. While I prefer the Wipes over the Leather Cleaner trigger bottle simply because they're easy and quick to use, they don't always dispense nicely from the container and there's only 30 wipes in the pack.
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  • Convenient for quick cleaning
  • Cleans surface dirt, soil, dust
  • Leaves leather shiny, supple


  • Costly; Only 30-count wipes
  • Dispensing set-up could be improved
  • Did not remove ink stain


  • Weiman Leather Wipes 47
  • Dispensing container; 30-count
  • Cleans with natural oils and safely removes dirt, stains
  • Protects from UV rays, cracking, discoloration; keeps leather supple and moisturized
  • More Detail from the manufacturer
  • Read Weiman FAQ's
  • Use to clean leather furniture, leather coats, shoes, briefcases, luggage, car interiors
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Guide Review - Weiman Leather Cleaner Wipes Review

September 1, 2010
Weiman markets leather cleaner in a wipe format and also in a trigger bottle and both have the same cleaning attributes and UV protection. I've tested both formats and though they clean equally well, I much prefer the wipes for cleaning my leather furniture, satchel, jacket and shoes because they're convenient to handle and there's less risk of overspray to floor and other items while cleaning.

While the wipe format is ideal, the container set-up is not. It's difficult to pull out only the center one from the dispenser at the start and reclosing properly is crucial to keeping the rest of the wipes moist in the container.

The wipes did a reasonable cleaning job removing surface dirt, dust and soil but not a small ink stain on the satchel. However, it did leave the leather silky soft and shiny, and I like the fact that these cleaners include UV protection, especially since some of the furniture is often subjected to sun rays from a patio door.
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