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eMOP Bucketless Floor Cleaning Mop Review

Home Test of the eMOP Bucketless Floor Cleaning Mop

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eMOP Bucketless Floor Cleaning Mop Review

eMOP Bucketless Floor Cleaning System

Photo © Milwaukee Dustless Brush
The Milwaukee Dustless Brush eMOP™ may have been designed with the industrial cleaner in mind, but homemakers also want an innovative, ergonomically-designed floor cleaning tool, that delivers improved cleanliness while using less water and chemicals. So eMOP™, welcome to home cleaning.

Product Despcription

    Milwaukee Dustless Brush eMOP™ Bucketless Floor Cleaning Mop M553100
  • Heavy gauge aluminum shaft with high density rubber grip provides comfort and control
  • East grip activator - slight downward motion on top handle activates automatic spray dispensing, directly to the floor
  • Comfort Grip - high density rubber grip
  • Steel shaft - strong, lightweight frame; total weight 2 lbs
  • Integrated reservoir - 24 oz fluid (covers up to 3200 sq. ft.of floor space). Semi-translucent tank for visually checking levels
  • Pressurized dispenser - patented mechanical dispensing system distributes a 5ml stream of cleaning solution to floor
  • Molded reservoir cap - easy snap off/push on
  • Adjustable nozzle - operator controls solution flow, output volume and direction
  • Full rotation of mop head; double lock system
  • Solid aluminum 16.5" mop head supports 18" mop pads
  • Molded end caps protect walls and furniture
  • Mop head tested: Wet Pad - 70/30 split microfiber pile (available in five colors). Dust Pad also available
  • Learn more from manufacturer

How the eMop Performed

December 11, 2012
This floor tool is well-made with an aluminum pole, sturdy plastics (reservoir) and easy-to-remove and apply cleaning pad. I tested the number M553103 eMOP Green Wet Microfiber Pad with this mop tool. I really like the long handle, comfort grip, ease of pumping and the fact that you control water/solution output. It also has a very nice full rotation that made it easier to clean around the toilet and under/around furniture.

The reservoir size is ample, easy to fill or empty when done. I used hot water with a bit of vinegar which tends to make some of my floors shine nicely and dry quickly. And I also used a drop of dish soap, which I prefer to clean my kitchen vinyl flooring. The idea with the eMOP is to release water as needed so you use less overall and floors dry quickly. I found this works rather well and the pad seems to do a good job of cleaning, with minimal streaks left behind. Some spots required more back and forth cleaning as expected, while some areas were fine with just a quick pass.

Note that if floors are very dirty, you may need to change the pad or hand wash/rinse, wring it out and reapply to the mop during cleaning. Otherwise, you might be smearing dirt around the floor. This is typical of any pad-accessorized floor tool or steam mop.

This floor tool is designed to go where others cannot with an excellent swivel and extremely low profile to reach far under furniture. Because it's lightweight and easy to handle, you can also use it for dry mopping and dusting. Though I didn't try it to clean walls, I expect it could possibly work well for that purpose. I did dry dust the ceiling with it.

There's a variety of pads available for this eMOP and I would recommend having more than one.Microfiber generally is a good cleaning and dusting material that absorbs dirt well and washes up nicely.

As for performance, I love not having to trail a bucket and especially not having to wring out a mop head, except for the occasional dirt build-up. The design and ergonomic features make this tool easy to use. It also does not take much space to store. The manufacturer also makes a similar dry dusting mop without the water reservoir.

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