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Get Ready to Start - Food Preserving Checklist


Canning & Preserving Equipment

Canning & Preserving Equipment

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You want to start preserving foods and you know that time delays are not good for the foods that are waiting to be processed, but you're not sure how to get started? This checklist can keep you organized and ready to go through the processes required to safely preserve your harvest.

Ready to Start Checklist
  • Review Successful Home Preserving
  • Decide what foods you want to process;
  • If canning, check recommendations pertaining to various food groups
  • Decide whether you want to can, pickle, dehydrate, freeze it or make jam or jellies
  • Review guidelines for the desired method and equipment needed for that particular type of food and process
  • Select recipes - small batches are usually more successful
  • Check your stock of ingredients and seasonings required
  • Ensure adequate supply of appropriately-sized jars, lids or containers
  • Schedule your preserving time
  • Need help for this task? Find a partner.
  • Clear off enough counter workspace for the various processes - preparing or peeling foods, washing and drying jars and lids, filling jars, removing from canner, cooling etc
  • Allow for sit-down workspace for long tasks
  • Assemble everything you'll need
  • Clean and dry equipment and tools
  • Ready linen and hot pads or mitts if appropriate
  • Clean and prepare foods
  • Process as per preserving method
  • Adhere to proper processing times
  • When process is complete, check finished product for evidence of proper sealing or preserving
  • Let cool if appropriate
  • Always label with content and date
  • Store preserves properly
  • Wash and properly store your preserving equipment

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