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Ball Collection Elite Glass Preserving Jars

Ball® Glass Canning Jars & Convenient Food Mixes


Collection Elite Jars With Fruit

Collection Elite Jars With Fruit

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Home canning and preserving is very rewarding and preserving foods at home will help you save on your grocery budget. You are also able to control the additives in the foods your family eats - a benefit of home canning, especially for those with food allergies.

Ball® Collection Elite® Glass Canning Jars

Ball Collection Elite wide mouth glass preserving jars come with cool platinum lids and bands, giving them a whole new classy look for today's home canners. Jars in this collection come in handy 8 oz half pint and 16 oz pint sizes - just perfect for jams, salsa, dressings and other preserves. The half pint size is terrific for condiments or one-event servings of your favorite preserves. These jars look very nice, are a convenient size and sealed perfectly after being processed.

Glass canning jars are very handy for other home storage uses - no need for them to be confined to the kitchen. I've used Ball jars for health, craft and sewing supplies, in addition to using them for dry food storage.

When processing home canning, for safe and best results always follow recommended guidelines. The Ball® Corporation has excellent preserving information on their www.FreshPreserving.com site. You can also find there, various sizes of Ball canning jars to meet every preserving need.

Ball® Simple Creations® Food Mixes

Various mixes are available from Ball® for making salsa, sauces, pickles and even pectin mixes for jams. You can check out their full line at Ball Simple Creation Food Mixes.

These mixes are wonderful for time-saving and hassle-free preserving. You can eat the bounty right after making it, freeze it or process it by the recommended canning method on the package. I find these mixes very easy, quick to use and they taste great.

The Mild Fiesta Salsa mix only required tomatoes to be added and it turned out delicious. If you like your Salsa kicked up a notch, you'd probably love the Hot Chipotle Salsa Mix. Mixes provide the assurance that all the seasonings required have been added to your batch.

Ball® Plastic Freezer Jars are a convenient container for freezing salsa or other preserves. Read more about these Ball Freezer Jars in From Field to Freezer With Ball®.

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