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Canning & Food Preserving at Home

Resources and information on home canning, dehydrating and food preserving. What you need to know about home canning and preserving equipment.
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  3. Home Canning - Southern US
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Granite Ware Canner 11.5 Qt Review
Granite Ware 11-1/2 Qt Canner Review; review of Granite Ware's small waterbath canner for canning 7 pint jars; how to use the Granite Ware Canner

Fagor Duo 9 Pc Canning Set Review
Fagor Duo 9 Pc Canning Set Review; Fagor 10 Qt Pressure Cooker and Canner review; Fagor Duo Pressure Cooker and Canner Canning Set

Nesco American Harvest FD-61 Snackmaster® Encore Dehydrator & Jerky Maker ...
Review of Nesco American Harvest FD-61 Snackmaster® Encore Food Dehydrator and Jerky Gun Kit

Freezing Food and Freezer Food Safety
What you need to know about freezing foods, how long to keep foods in the freezer and how to keep frozen foods safe.

Using Quality Canning & Preserving Jars
Using quality mason or preserving glass jars is crucial to successful canning. Here's what to look for when checking your canning jars. Preserving jars should be in top quality.

How to Can Tomatoes Video from iFood.tv
This video is very easy to follow if you want to learn how to can tomatoes, make and can salsa and tomato sauce.

Canning 101 - Canning Tips & Resources
What you need to know about canning including tips, where to find resources and supplies and basic canning information.

Successful Home Preserving
The key to successful home preserving and canning. How to succeed at home preserving.

A Jar Lifter is a Must-Have Canning Tool
A jar lifter is a must-have tool if you are home canning; use a jar lifter to safely lift jars out of the canner; use proper canning tools

Katom Restaurant Supply - Food Safety Tips, Graphics
Visual graphics illustrating proper food storage temperatures, resources for food safety tips and more


Canning & Preserving Equipment - Canning, Dehydrating & Food Preserv
Best equipment and supplies for canning, drying and preserving foods at home

Getting Ready to Preserve
Here's a checklist to help you get ready to start canning, dehydrating or preserving foods.

Canning & Preserving Supplies - Where to Buy Canning & Preserving Jars & Supplie
Where to buy canning and preserving jars and supplies to complete your food preservation processes. Resources for jars and canning supplies.

Use a Labeler for Date and Name Canning Labels
Label with dates as well as names on canning jars

Canning - Definition
Definition of canning and how it relates to preserving

From Field to Freezer With Ball® Freezer Jars
Ball freezer jars are conveniently sized for jams, salsas, fruit, condiments or other favorites.

Canning Jar
Canning or Mason jar - definition and use

Jar Lifter
What a jar lifter is and how it is used in home canning

Waterbath Canner
What a waterbath canner is and how it is used

Canner - Definition and Use of a Canner
What a canner is used for; types of canners used in home canning

Ball Collection Elite Glass Preserving Jars
Home preserving is easy with Ball® Collection Elite® Glass Preserving Jars available in half pint and pint size with platinum lids and bands. Ball food mixes makes preserving super easy.

Preserving Foods
What the term preserving means and the most common methods used to preserve foods at home

Pressure Cooker - Definition and Use
What a pressure cooker is and the most common uses

Pressure Cooker vs Pressure Canning - Know the Difference
There is an important difference between a pressure cooker and pressure canner that you should know if you want to preserve foods.

Pressure Canner - Definition and Use
What a pressure canner is and what it is used for

Ball's Recommended Jar Usage Guide - How to Choose the Right Jar
Ball's informative guide on how to choose the right jar for canning and preserving, from the makers of Ball preserving jars and canning equipment.

Small Freezer Jars - Bernardin Ball Freezer Jars
Bernardin Ball Freezer Jars with screw-on lids are handy for freezer jams or homemade baby foods.

Fresh Preserving - Easy to Follow Instructions & Videos
Videos and step by step instructions on preserving high and low acid foods from www.freshpreserving.com

Covered Canner 21.5 Qt With Wire Rack
This covered canner with wire rack is a basic canning implement for water-bath canning of high acid vegetables and fruit, or for making jams or jellies.

How to Water Bath - About Mexican Food
How to Water Bath - Water Bath Canning information from Guide to Mexican Food at About.com

Canning & Preserving - About Home Cooking
Information on home canning and preserving from About.com Guide to Home Cooking

Canning, Freezing & Dehydrating Fruit - About Frugal Living
Information on Canning, Freezing and Dehydrating Fruit from About.com Guide to Frugal Living

Canning at Different Altitudes - Frugal Living
Information on canning at different altitudes by About.com Frugal Living Guide

Canning Apricots - About.com Guide to Italian Cooking
How to can apricots from Guide to Italian Cooking at About.com

Home Canning Pure & Simple
Excellent resources for home canning by Jarden Consumer Solutions

How to Preserve Fruits & Vegetables - Gardening at About.com
Resources on How to Preserve from Guide to Gardening at About.com

Complete Guide to Home Canning - USDA
Comprehensive Guide to Home Canning from the US Department of Agriculture

Home Canning Preserves Taste, Nutrition and Self-Reliance
From About.com Guide to Environmental Issues

Fresh Preserving - Products, Recipes, How to & Guidelines
Preserving guidelines, recipes, products from www.freshpreserving.com

Canning Recipes - Leslie's Recipe Archive
Recipe resources from www.lesleycooks.com

Home Canning Fact Sheets - University of Georgia
Canning resources from the University of Georgia

How to Can and Preserve Fish from National Center for Food Preservation
How to can fish from the National Center for Food Preservation including how many minutes to can under pressure.

Recipes from www.canning-food-recipes.com

How to Avoid Botulism - BC Ministry of Health
Important information on avoiding botulism from the British Columbia Ministry of Health

Canning Basics - University of Ohio
Basic canning resources from the University of Ohio

Canning Resources - NCHFP
Resources on canning from the National Center for Home Food Preservation

How to Judge Home Preserved Foods - NCHFP
Information on how to judge home preserved foods from the National Center for Home Food Preservation

Safe Food Handling - USDA
US Department of Agriculture's Safe Food Handling Guidelines

Canning Fact Sheets & Recipes - NCHFP
Resources and facts from the National Center for Home Food Preservation

Home Caning Basics - Ball & Kerr
Resources on Home Canning from Ball & Kerr

Canning Canadian Seafood - CFIA
How to can Canadian Seafood from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency

What Size Canning Jars to Use - Check the FreshPreserving Site
The Ball - FreshPreserving.com site has a good list of recommended jar size to food type.

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Find helpful resources for housewares and appliances

Canning Resources - US Government Publications
Food preservation information from the US Government Publications

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