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Jar blenders are not only handy for everyday meal preparations, but they've become very popular for making frozen smoothies and drinks. Read these reviews that include full size and personal blenders, to see how they performed in my home tests. They're listed from most to least favorite.

1. Oster Fusion Blender & Processor Model BRLY07-Z00 Review

Oster Fusion Blender & Processor Model BRLY07-Z00
Photo © Oster
With a reversing blade and dual blending/chopping functions, the Oster Fusion™ jar blender looked very intriguing. Throw in a pre-programmed setting for frozen drinks and I just couldn't wait to try it out.

2. Hamilton Beach Wave Station Express Jar Blender Review

Hamilton Beach Wave Station Express
Photo Courtesy of PriceGrabber
For an economical $30 appliance, this Hamilton Beach Wave Station™ Express Dispensing Blender is a good blender and quickly crushes ice in frozen drinks and smoothies. The Wave Action is definitely its best feature, as it keeps pulling the foods back down to the blade, seemingly without a lot of effort. A good buy for the price and a 3 year warranty!

3. Hamilton Beach Single-Serve Blender With 2 Jars & 2 Travel Lids Model 51102

Photo © Hamilton Beach
This personal blender has larger-than-average single-serve jars that makes for better blending. Model 51101 is the same blender, but without the second jar and lid. It easily blends icy drinks or protein shakes and is convenient for commuting. Compact, it has a 4" footprint, stores easily and cleans up like a breeze.

4. Sensio Bella Professional Blender Review

Sensio Bella Professional Blender
Photo © Bella Professional
The Bella Blender is part of the Sensio® Bella Professional™ line of appliances. With commercial styling and three speed digital controls, it looks very durable and simple to operate. The following are my testing results.

5. Tribest PB200 Personal Blender & Grinder Review

Tribest PB200 Personal Blender & Grinder
Photo © Tribest
This quality built PB200 Personal Blender & Grinder performs as advertised, with the power to blend and grind like a regular blender, but on a smaller personal scale. Its compact and sleek design is definitely a space-saving feature. The blend and serve cups make cleaning quick and easy - a real time-saver as well. For personal, small quantity blending and grinding, this product is a great buy.

6. Oster Osterizer 5542 Jar Blender Review

Oster Osterizer 6642 Jar Blender
Photo © Mifflin
This is a very durable, well built 12 speed blender with outstanding performance at all speeds. For best ice crushing results using the regular blades, ice cubes should be small. Optional crushing blades are also available for this blender. A good buy and quality made unit for everyday blending. Overall, I've been very pleased with this unit.

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