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Food Choppers & Common Uses

How to Get the Most Out of a Food Chopper


Whether electric or manual, a food chopper can cut your food preparation time and help you get to the serving stage sooner. Though some food choppers are fairly small, such as the hand-slap, spring-type blade choppers where you usually have to downsize vegetable portions accordingly, they're still very useful and practical kitchen tools.

Food choppers come in different styles and sizes but they generally have a similar function - to chop, coarse or fine. To get finely chopped results, you just need to pulse or process longer. Food choppers are sometimes called food processors, depending on the function of the unit. You are only limited by the work bowl size when it comes to creative use of a food chopper. Here are some common uses for food choppers:
  • Chopping onions, celery, garlic, carrots for general cooking needs
  • Herbs and spices - the chopper must be designed to chop hard spices
  • Making salsas, condiments, dips, dressings
  • Chopping nuts for baking, garnish
  • Making bread or cracker crumbs
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