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What you can do with your food processor depends on several factors including, the type of food processor, the power performance and the amount of cutting or slicing accessories. At the very minimum, you can chop soft or hard foods with a food processor - the same as with a food chopper, but your product manual will provide more detail as to your particular model's abilities. You'll get the most function from a food processor with slicing/shredding discs and a dough hook.

How much you can process depends on the capacity - size of work bowl, or if your processor is designed with a chute to expel the processed foods, you're limited only by the size of plate/bowl you can place under this chute. These are the most common uses for a food processor.
  • Chopping onions, carrots, garlic, celery or other vegetables for salads, soups and general cooking needs
  • General mixing of recipe ingredients
  • Chopping or mixing cooked foods to make baby foods
  • Grating cheese
  • Shredding cabbage or other vegetables for salads
  • Mixing bread dough - if you have a dough hook
  • Slicing cucumbers, beets, onions for making pickles
  • Slicing lettuce and vegetables for salads
  • Making bread or cracker crumbs
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