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Magic Bullet Express Blender Review

Home Test of the Original Magic Bullet Blender

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Magic Bullet Blender System

Magic Bullet Blender System

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This is a very popular compact blender that can be used for a variety of blending, chopping and small food processing tasks. I was curious to see what all the hype was with the Magic Bullet, so I borrowed one from a friend to try it out.

Product Description

    The Original Magic Bullet Blender includes:
  • Power Base
  • Includes two stainless steel blades: Cross blade for chopping, grating and blending; flat blade for whipping cream, grinding coffee beans and spices
  • Tall and short cups
  • Shaker and steamer tops
  • Two resealable lids
  • Four self-blending party mugs with colored lip rings
  • Recipe/product book
  • Made by Homeland Housewares
  • A note about Magic Bullet counterfeit blenders
  • MSRP: $99
  • More detail from the manufacturer

How the Magic Bullet Performed

August 6, 2010
There's lots of handy accessories that come with this blender including four party mugs with colored rims and shaker lids. These make it a multifunction kitchen tool. I love the small footprint as well as the capacity of this blender and its possibilities when it comes to small batch processing and blending. But I did find that the Magic Bullet is better for some things and not great for others.

While it's handy for those small blending tasks, you get the best performance if you process less than maximum capacity. In other words, it blends a lesser amount than you would think, if you want it to blend well and avoid the frustration of having to 'tap' it or redistribute food contents for better blending. Trying different chopping (salsa, vegetables, onions) tasks, I found that though you should be able to just press and pulse slightly, the power of the Bullet tends to force the jar into the locked position - even when you don't want it to, requiring you to turn it to stop the blender or the results are pureed foods, rather than chopped. I often had overblended foods because of this.

When I blended smoothies, ice blending (crushing) was inconsistent most of the time, leaving large chunks of ice - using smaller ice cubes may remedy this problem. Ice chunks aside, you can't beat being able to blend a nice smoothie and drink it from the same jar - it saves on cleaning. As for cleaning the Bullet, it's not hard at all; just rinse or wash all pieces immediately after use.

Overall Impression

While the Magic Bullet Blender is very handy for quick chopping of nuts, onions, garlic and for making small batches of sauces and spreads, I found it inconsistent for salsa or other vegetables with results often being pureed rather than chopped.

However, it gets top billing for function, size and accessories, because you can use it for a lot of different food prep tasks even if results in some cases, are less than perfect. Being able to microwave cook or heat sauces and store blended foods in the jars, is also a plus. It's also much handier using the Bullet for small amounts like making baby food, than to use a larger blender.

I was eager to try out the Magic Bullet, but testing left me a little disappointed. Since this was a borrowed unit, I'm not positive if I would buy my own. Though the size and function is appealing, the price is not. I do find the price high for this compact blender, even though it has a lot of accessories.

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