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Immersion, Stick and Hand Blender Reviews

Reviews of Immersion Hand Blenders


Read these immersion hand blender reviews to learn more about these cool blending products and how they performed in home tests.

1. Frigidaire Professional Tri-Blade Immersion Blender and Mixer

Photo © Frigidaire
The Frigidaire Professional™ Immersion Blender is very well constructed - the fit and ease of connecting various pieces is tremendously easy. Handling is very comfortable and performance is above average. If I didn't know that it had 200 watts, I would think it had a more powerful motor, judging by the ease with which it chops, whips and blends, and how quickly it accomplishes each task. This is a very nice unit, extremely versatile and a joy to use.

2. Bosch MIXXO Cordless Hand Blender & Chopper Review

Bosch MIXXO Cordless Hand Blender & Chopper
Photo © Bosch
With a lithium ion battery, the cordless Bosch MIXXO Immersion Blender promises to run up to twenty minutes on a charge, to crush ice, blend and cut onions and other foods. It also has a companion chopper that adds a food processing function to this kitchen tool. But being cordless, would it have enough power to handle blending and chopping tasks, let alone crush ice?

3. Cuisinart Smart Stick CSB-77C Hand Blender & Chopper Review

Cuisinart Smart Stick CSB-77C Hand Blender & Chopper
Photo © Cuisinart
The Cuisinart SmartStick® CSB-77C is an upgrade of the original SmartStick®, with an improved handle design and construction, plus accessories that make this handy kitchen tool much more functional. I was curious how well this SmartStick model would perform as a multifunction food prep tool, so I took it for a test run.

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