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Euro-Pro Ninja Master Prep Food Processor and Blender Review

Home Test of the Ninja Master Prep Processor-Blender

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Euro-Pro Ninja Master Prep

Euro-Pro Ninja Master Prep

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A combined food processor and blender certainly is interesting, as is the claim that it makes snow out of ice - this I have to see for myself.

Product Description of the Shark Ninja Food Processor and Blender

  • Euro-Pro Ninja™ Master Prep is a food processor and blender
  • Ninja Blades - different blade levels
  • Powerful Interchangeable Master Pod 400-watt power head
  • Mini Master Prep™ chopper bowl with lid - 16 oz (2 cups)
  • Master Prep Pitcher™ with lid - 48 oz (6 cups)
  • Crushes ice evenly; transforms ice cubes into creamy frozen drinks
  • Create, store, microwave and serve
  • Master Prep bowl, pitcher and lids are dishwasher safe
  • Visit manufacturer for more detail
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty
  • MSRP $49.99

How the Ninja Master Prep Performed

September 29, 2009
Right out of the box, the Ninja food processor and blender is bigger and more impressive than expected. Made of quality plastics, the Ninja food processor seems very durable. The blending pitcher is average in size (48 oz), but the design is not typical. Instead of the usual blender blade, the Ninja pitcher has a removable double bladed post which makes a huge difference in how it blends, over most blenders. The Mini Master Prep chopper bowl has a 2-cup capacity with its own similar double blade assembly. Some parts have a lot of crevices, so it's crucial to wash/rinse the pitcher or chopper immediately after use. I found it washed easily when done right away.

My tests included various blending and chopping tasks including filling the blender jug with ice as shown on the packaging. Though it does crush or shave ice nicely, it's a two handed operation for a pitcher full of ice, as the whole unit must be held down firmly while pulsing. Not enough pressure would make the blade assembly bounce out of place, and then it had to be emptied/reassembled. The pitcher's best feat is blending iced coffee, tea, fruit or other creamy frozen drinks. The shaved ice lasts much longer in frozen drinks, than with most blenders. Banana smoothies did not fare as well - the blades don't quite blend the banana enough to enable drinking it easily with a large straw.

The bowl performed extremely well, chopping onions, green peppers, celery and other foods, without any mush whatsoever. The power head is powerful and fast; all tasks required only a few pulses, some as little as one or two.

Overall Impression

Ninja Master Prep has an edge over other choppers and blenders - the pitcher and bowl each have a double bladed assembly that chops and blends some foods and liquids more efficiently. They share a powerful power head that attaches very easily.

When it comes to blending just a pitcher full of ice with no liquid, yes it does make snow, but I found it tedious and it usually required more than one try. On the other hand, blending drinks with both ice and liquid were the easiest, creamiest and best.

I do love the pitcher for iced coffee, but my favorite part is the Mini Master Prep chopper - it's fast, efficient and chops without producing extra liquids. And the bowl size is just right for regular chopping/mincing tasks like onions, peppers, celery, tomatoes or nuts. It has lots of power to cut cleanly, especially noticeable with celery.

I'd recommend the Ninja more for chopping/mincing than for blending, but that being said, it does blend a super creamy iced coffee.

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 5 out of 5
Ninja chopper blender, Member SusanBurchett

I love this thing! I use it almost everyday. It really does crush ice into snow. Great product, for the money. I make kale,pineapple, grape, celery ect drinks and it blends it very well.

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