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Best Buffet Serving Dishes - Convenient Food Servers For Your Buffet

The Best Buffet Serving Dishes and Chafing Dishes for Entertaining


Having the right buffet serving dishes can make a buffet the best alternative to a sit-down meal. It allows the host to prepare and gather main and side dishes, garnishes, buns and salads, all in one convenient self-service area, eliminating the time and guesswork to fill individual plates. Guests can serve themselves and make their own selections from buffet serving dishes or chaffing dishes. However, maintaining food temperature is important and special food servers can compliment and organize a buffet table keeping contents hot, safe and ready.

1. Nesco 18Qt Professional Roaster Oven

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A roaster oven is the ideal buffet table item because you can cook in this portable oven, keep contents warm and serve from it. It keeps clean-up quick and easy. The Nesco roaster ovens are very popular with consumers.


2. Crock-Pot Trio Cook & Serve Buffet Server

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This appliance is a must for any buffet table. The Crock-Pot Trio™ buffet server consists of three 2.5 Qt crock-pots each with individual controls on one base. It's convenient for numerous meal and side dish cooking, warming or serving. Not limited to buffets, this appliance can also be used to cook and serve a family meal.  Crock-Pot also makes a smaller double Cook & Serve model called the Duo.  Compare price of Crock-Pot Duo

3. Water & Beverage Dispensers

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Water and beverage dispensers are the perfect way to display fruit infused iced water or other cold beverages and guests can serve themselves. Big on presentation, these dispensers are crowd pleasers.


4. Presto 16" Electric Nonstick Skillet

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You might not have considered an electric skillet for use on a buffet table, but it's the ideal affordable server for a variety of foods. Whether you simply use one for keeping warm burger patties or fried fish fillets, or cook-then-serve a casserole or entree, a skillet makes a great server. And Presto makes a nice variety of electric skillets to chose from, including the nonstick 16" skillet featured. This is one appliance you'll use lots, plus it can help you get your buffet item cooked and safely kept warm to serve.

5. Chill Out & About Stay-Cool Food Serving System

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A stay-cool food serving system that keeps your dips or small salads cold for hours on the buffet table. It's easy to use, store and clean. The Chill Out & About collection includes a 6-pc or 8-pc set with its own base and lids.

6. Stainless Steel Full Chafer 8 Qt

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This stainless steel full chafing dish would be ideal for keeping sliced turkey meat hot on a buffet table. Designed for the food service industry, but this chafer is practical and economical for the home buffet table. Made of easy-to-clean stainless, it's dripless and comes with a dome cover and fuel holder. Remember to buy fuel canisters for this chafer.

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7. Crock-Pot Triple Dipper Food Warmer

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The ideal appetizer hub for the buffet or dinner table. Use it to keep your favorite dips, spreads or other foods warm. The Triple Dipper has loads of features that make it a fun appliance to use.

8. Tramontina 4 Qt Oval Chafing Dish

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An elegant food server that would beautifully compliment a buffet table. This Tramontina 4 qt Oval Chafing Dish is constructed of 18/10 stainless steel with a lift-out food pan and a tempered glass lid. It has a built-in rack to hold the lid while the guest is serving. This chafing dish is also available in a round 3 qt model. Perfect for keeping your side dish hot during the meal.
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9. Toastess Electric Warming Tray TWT40

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This stylish versatile medium size warming tray is perfect for keeping the teapot and other food serving items hot. Plug it in to warm it up and then you can unplug it and it will keep foods hot for 60 minutes on your buffet table. This handy hosting appliance is 23.75" x 11.75" in size.
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10. Broil King Triple Buffet Server With Plastic Lids NBS3SLP

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This Broil King Triple Buffet Server can keep three different 2.6 qt side dishes hot, and when the individual food pans are removed, the base can be used as a convenient warming tray. It has a thermostat adjustable 155 to 205 degrees F, and has cool-touch handles. The server size is 25.25 x 15.25.
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