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Selecting a Lasagna Baking Pan

Find the Right Bakeware for Making Lasagna


Selecting a Lasagna Baking Pan Photo: © Mifflin
Lasagna is an all-time favorite meal entree and every cook has their own secret ingredient or layering style that makes each one a scrumptious original. Selecting a pan for a 'family size' lasagna is not generally a problem, we usually have at least one 9" x 13" pan or roaster in our bakeware supplies.

However, not every pan is suitable for lasagna baking. Foods that are very acidic like tomato sauce can reduce the lifespan of your metal baking pans and quickly wear down non-stick coating, making them more susceptible to rusting and staining. This can also cause a residue from the pan to mix with the food contents.

Metal pans are great for baking cakes and other meals, but the best kind of bakeware for lasagna is a rectangular-shaped stainless steel roaster, Pyrex bakeware, CorningWare, ovenware, ceramic or stoneware dish that is rated for oven baking. These will also clean much easier and some bakeware can also go directly from freezer-to-oven-to-table, making it easy to prepare meals ahead.

The larger baking pans generally have adequate depth to accommodate lasagna layers. But shopping for a smaller pan for a family of 2-4 takes a little more consideration. Some baking dishes have lower sides and are great for other foods, but you need a depth of at least 2" for a good lasagna, and more depth is even better to accommodate more than two layers. A small rectangular dish around the 5" x 8" size is perfect for two people, and would also look wonderful on the table.

For easy cleaning, choose a glossy finish and check the bottom of ceramic or stoneware dishes to ensure there are no rough unfinished areas that can mar your table. Ease of handling is also important - a pan with handles or a lip style edge would be easier to remove from a hot oven. Read the label to ensure it is designed for a hot oven, and to confirm if it's dishwasher safe. For great pan suggestions, see my Top Picks of Lasagna Bakeware.

About cooks have some great lasagna recipes for you to try out. If you don't already have one, maybe one of these About recipes will become your family favorite.

Although I generally prefer a rectangular pan for my lasagna, I think About's Busy Cooks Guide, Linda Larsen's Crockpot Lasagna Recipe sounds absolutely yummy! Bon appetit!

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