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Cake Loaves

Cake Loaves

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When a regular size bread or cake loaf is more than enough for your household, consider baking a small portion of the dough or batter in a mini loaf pan. You can enjoy the main loaf right away and have a small one to share with a neighbor, slice for lunches or freeze to enjoy later. Smaller loaves might even result in less food waste.

Since mini loaf pans come in various sizes you may want to consider what you would bake in them, before purchasing. While the larger mini's such as the 3" x 5" sizes are ideal for small breads or cake loaves, the tiny ones are better for bread-shaped buns.

They are sold either in singles or as a multiple loaf pan. Either style will bake well, but I prefer the packs of singles which provide more baking options. That being said, the multiple loaf pan would be more convenient when making buns.

Small loaf pans are available in easy-to-clean non-stick coating or in silicone bakeware.

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