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Sunbeam Royal Dreams Queen Heated Blanket Review

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Sunbeam Royal Dreams Queen Heated Blanket Review

Sunbeam Royal Dreams Queen Heated Blanket

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We first fell in love with heated blankets decades ago and it was time to replace a worn one. Sunbeam's heated blankets have changed slightly over the years, but still offer the best value.

Product Despcription

    Sunbeam® Royal Dreams Quilted Fleece Heated Blanket, Queen size
  • 100% Quilted fleece polyester
  • Dual controls
  • 10 Heat settings; 10 hr auto shut-off
  • ThermoFine® technology
  • Easy to use controller
  • Machine washable and dryable
  • 5 Year limited warranty
  • Learn more from the manufacturer

How the Heated Blanket Performed

January 20, 2013
I chose a Sunbeam® blanket because I have used their heated bedding for several decades and fully trust this brand. Their heated blankets usually last up to 7 years, which I find reasonable. Since I live in a cold climate, the bedding is used for about five months - basically all winter, then it is laundered again and stored till the following season.

I found this latest heated blanket to be somewhat different from my previous model. It's made of fleece with quilted rows the length of the blanket. The embedded electrical wires seem heavier, probably more reinforced than previous models I've had. As for size, there's about a 9" drop on each side of the queen bed, a little smaller than expected. When installing, follow the illustrations included, to set up properly for the right and left controllers. The plug connection should be on top at the foot of the bed and not on the underside of the blanket.

Compared to previous electric blankets, this one is heavier - not sure I like that, so we had to remove a second blanket to keep the total bedding weight reasonable. It's also quite a bit warmer, as fleece generally reflects body heat and it is a little harder to pull up when it migrates further down the bed during the night.

I really like the upgraded controllers with more settings and the auto shut-off, which is reassuring to have, should we forget to turn it off. The dual - two controllers - are a must. Though we sometimes have it on till it shuts off, we often just preheat the bed before retiring for the night, which allows us to turn down the heat in the room, saving energy. Since the blanket is not on all night, there's little energy used by the bedding.

We are entering the second season for this heated blanket and really enjoy the comfort it provides. It washes up nicely in cold water (low spin) and though I could dry it in the dryer on a low setting, I prefer to hang it over chairs overnight. Being polyester, it dries in no time. Note that it's not a good idea to use a heated blanket if you have pets that share the bed - the risk of damaging embedded wires is too great.

Overall Impression and Related Resources

We love having the cozy comfort this electric blanket affords, even when we only use it to preheat the bed. It seems well made, the stitching is nice and the blanket is very soft. I was concerned that it might pill but it washed up nicely and still looks like new, going into a second season.

Sunbeam® has been manufacturing heated bedding for many years and is a leader in the industry. Besides bedding, the company also makes an assortment of kitchen, health and home, pet care and garment care appliances and products.

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