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What Is Trivection Cooking?

By Kris Jensen-Van Heste

Q. What is Trivection cooking?

A. General Electric's trademarked Trivection cooking technology employs three distinct cooking methods. But what the name doesn't tell you is how precisely the technology combines conventional, convection and microwave cooking to produce the very best results on an almost endless range of foods.

Conventional cooking surrounds food with static heat inside an oven. Convection ovens move the heated air across and around the food for faster, more even cooking and baking. And microwaves use radio waves to stir up the molecules inside the food, causing even heat throughout.

What GE has done is create technology, christened "Trivection", that determines the optimal combination of the three methods, resulting in drastically shorter cooking times than with any single method. You need only choose a cooking method (for example, "baked goods") and the recipe's standard cook time and temperature (say, 350 degrees and 12 minutes for a sheet of cookies). The Trivection oven converts that information for you, sets up the best combination of the three available cooking methods, and tells you when your food will be ready, in many cases up to five times faster than in a conventional oven.

Are there detractions? For most folks, yes, as technology isn't cheap. GE's Trivection® ovens start at around $2,000. Aside from that, the Trivection ovens combine the best of today's cooking technology for practically foolproof results.

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