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Refrigerator 101 - Find the Best Refrigerator
While you can still find a rather basic model, refrigerators in general have undergone a dramatic change over the past decade with more emphasis placed on ...
Refrigerators - All About Refrigerators and Buying a Refrigerator
Refrigerators and all about refrigerators - refrigerator buying tips,frequently asked questions, consumer resources, conservation, refrigerator care and resources, ...
Refrigerator Ice & Water Dispensers - Is the Convenience ...
Refrigerators have certainly increased in cost over the last few years and when we take into consideration all the electronic and convenience features, it's no ...
Wine Refrigerators for Storing Wine - Wines - About.com
Wine refrigerators, also called wine chillers, are free-standing units that are designed to store and keep your wines at a specific temperature setting (ideally ...
Tips for Buying a New Refrigerator - Housewares / Appliances
Refrigerators are long-term appliance investments so you'll want to carefully consider the main aspects of buying this refrigerator to ensure that it meets your ...
Pros and Cons of Counter-Depth Refrigerators
A look at what a counter-depth refrigerator offers in terms of convenience, access and installation benefits and constraints. Is a counter depth refrigerator the right ...
The History of the Refrigerator - and Freezer - Inventors - About.com
A refrigerator uses the evaporation of a liquid to absorb heat. The liquid, or refrigerant, used in a refrigerator evaporates at an extremely low temperature, ...
Wine Refrigerator and Wine Cabinet Reviews - Wines - About.com
Wine refrigerators and wine cabinets are the cornerstone of wine storage systems that are in place to protect and preserve wines for both short-term needs as ...
Refrigerator Styles - Which Style Is Best for You?
So many styles are available today, it's really difficult to decide which refrigerator style will work best for your home and family. This list will help you to consider ...
Refrigerators & Freezers - Housewares / Appliances - About.com
Buying and maintenance tips, reviews, and information for refrigerators and freezers.
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