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Preserving Foods - Housewares / Appliances - About.com
Learn about food preservation; preserving foods at home - what it means; about preserving food.
Canning & Preserving Equipment - Housewares / Appliances
Best equipment and supplies for canning, drying and preserving foods at home.
Preserving Fall Leaves with Glycerin - Gardening - About.com
Preserving fall leaves with glycerin makes leaves pliable and supple and they'll last for years. Here's how to do it.
Preserving Whole Branches of Fall Leaves with Glycerin - Gardening
You can preserve individual leaves or even whole branches, by letting them absorb glycerin, which keeps them colorful and subtle.
Pressing Fall Leaves - How to Preserve the Beauty - Gardening
Fall foliage is a highlight of the season. Colorful leaves may be even more attractive than flowers. However to make an indoor display of fall foliage, it helps if you ...
Preserving Fall Leaves With Waxed Paper - Gardening - About.com
Kids have been pressing leaves between sheets of waxed paper for generations. It's an easy way to preserve the beauty of fall foliage and to get kids interested ...
Food Preservation (Jellies, Freezing, Canning, & More)
Recipes, methods and information that will enable you to make safely and deliciously preserved foods.
Preserve Recipes for Pickles, Jellies and Jams - British & Irish Food
Preserving food not only saves money, it is also fun to do. Here are my top picks for the best preserving recipes.
Preserving Fall Leaves with Silica Gel - Gardening - About.com
Silica gel is a fast way to preserve fall leaves. You can use silica gel alone or speed up the process by using it in your microwave. They'll last for months.
Medieval Food Preservation - Page Two
Keeping food edible for months and even years during the Middle Ages, page two: pickling, confits, fermenting, freezing and cooling. Page 2.
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