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Home Appliances - Appliance and Housewares Buying Tips
A listing of before you buy tips and information on housewares and appliances. Appliance buying tips. Buying tips for home appliances.
Buying Home Appliances - Consider Color or Go Neutral?
Colored appliances are back, but is color right for you? Buying home appliances and choosing the finish.
Home Appliance Care and Maintenance Tips (Directory)
A certain amount of care and maintenance is needed in order to keep your appliances in top operating condition. In some cases, improper care can render your ...
How to Organize Kitchen Appliances
How you organize kitchen appliances depends on what type of cook you are. If you're a raw food nut, your blender will be front-and-center. Vegans will have ...
Small Appliances for a Well-Equipped Kitchen - Cooking Equipment
What small appliances do you need to have a well-outfitted kitchen? This checklist outlines the small kitchen appliances you need to be prepared for every  ...
The Kitchen - How to Move Appliances - Moving - About.com
How to move appliances, including hooking up and plumbing. Also help for moving smaller appliances. Packing tips. How to pack up the kitchen and move.
Kitchen Appliances - Secondary Small Kitchen Appliances
Once you've got your must-have kitchen appliances, continue setting up your kitchen with an assortment of small kitchen appliances that aren't necessarily ...
Where to Buy Restaurant Kitchen Equipment - Gourmet Food
If you are starting a new food service business or have an existing one, having good, working equipment will make or break your establishment. Restaurant ...
Outdoor Kitchen Appliances - Landscaping - About.com
Outdoor kitchen appliances include grills for the yard. But grills can be enhanced through the installation of a number of other features, like refrigerators and ...
Restaurant Kitchen Equipment Checklist - Restauranting - About.com
Checklist for everything you need to outfit a restaurant kitchen.
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